LucidLens™ Dream Mask

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An Adventure Awaits Every Night!  


LucidLens™ makes lucid dreaming as easy and straight forward as possible.

Uses scientifically proven smart technology to trigger lucid dreams while in your REM sleep cycle.  Check out the research article here

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The rear-facing LEDs serve as your touchstone to the lucid world. LucidLens™ uses a conjunction of smart sensors & light patterns that are displayed throughout the night, targeting your REM cycles where dreams most often occur.

The patterns can be as gentle or as jarring, as bright or as dim, and as fast or slow as you like.

The more time you've spent tuning your light patterns the better success you'll have in improving recall & clarity.  


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How Does It Work?


Configure your mask to your personal preferences with the instructions provided.   


Make sure your mask is tight enough when you go to sleep so that it does not fall off while you are sleeping!


The red LED indicators will go off periodically throughout the night until you reach your REM sleep cycle, triggering you to realize you are dreaming while you are dreaming,  therefore allowing you to breakthrough into the lucid world where everything is possible. 


Tips for success: 

  • Tell yourself "I see red, I am dreaming" throughout the day.  This will help you realize you are dreaming when you see the red LED lights in your sleep. 
  • Meditate before bed focusing on the thought of lucid dreaming and being conscious of your dreams while asleep. 
  • Lucid dreaming can take longer for some people to get the hang of.  Do not give up!  


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